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Accountants for medical industry

Accounting for the Medical Industry

We service our medical industry clients by advising on both practice and personal finance issues, including:

  • structuring of the practice and service entities
  • addressing asset protection issues
  • ensuring compliance of the structure with the respective professional and statutory restrictions
  • tax planning for the future

Accountancy Group can service the needs of the various fields of medical practice, including the following:

  • Medical Doctors (General Practice & Specialists)
  • Dentists (General Practice & Specialists)
  • Pharmacists
  • Anesthetists
  • Chiropractors
  • Physiotherapists
  • Medical Sciences & Research
  • Biotechnologists

Reasons for Getting a Medical Industry Accountant

The availability of affordable health insurance to more people and the improvements made in health care delivery systems in the country and all over the world has lead to more people seeking medical assistance. This then naturally leads to more opportunities to generate income for doctors, surgeons, dentists, physical therapists, nurses, medical aides, and other members of the health care team.

To cope with this demand, medical practitioners working under an institution or private practice settings should employ the services of specialized accountants to comply with all the tax and accounting needs of the team.

However, looking for a specialized medical sector accountant should not be taken lightly. An accountant with specialized skills is in high demand because their aptitude and skills are specifically honed to cope with a dynamic healthcare sector. On top of that, medical accountancy requires a different level of commitment from the accountants that you employ for the business.

When choosing a medical accountant from a pool of prospects, keep in mind your business mission and goals. Let these core business beliefs be your guiding posts on whether to proceed with the hiring or not. It is important that your business’ medical sector accountant knows where you and your business stand so that he/she can best help you.

Here are five other aspects/factors why it is important to hire an accountant who specializes and understands accountancy for the medical sector:

  1. Prior Health Sector Knowledge

The medical sector is a like a whole new world in itself. It has all these medical jargon, terminologies, and acronyms that a regular accountant will be confused with if he is suddenly thrust into handling the books for a medical practice firm.

When you and your organization hire a specialized medical industry accountant, the entire process of getting used to the job will be shorter and easier. You cannot deny that an accountant will not be as knowledgeable medically as a doctor would be. But an accountant who has already worked in the medical industry will be more open to the exciting medical field.

  1. Tested Technical Skills

Accountants worth their salt should be able to demonstrate and benefit from their technical skills in whatever field they wish to specialize in. When you employ the services of a medical industry accountant, they would already have the necessary experience and know-how of various accounting software used by most healthcare providers.

Private practices may only require the use of accounting tools like QuickBooks or MYOB while bigger health sector firms and health insurance companies may use software packages from Oracle for patient and billing records.

Medical industry accountants will already have known how to use these software and apply this knowledge accordingly to improve your practice’s accounting compliance.

  1. Passion for the Medical Field

In the simplest sense, an accountant will deal with the numbers concerning your medical practice or health sector business. If a person does this job five times a day for the rest of his life, it is bound to become monotonous. And if an accountant decides to specialize in the medical sector, he needs to have an increased sense of passion with this field in order to function competently.

As a person looking for a medical industry accountant, seeing passion in another person towards his job gives you an idea as to how that person will perform the job and how it would benefit your business in the long run.

  1. Improved Risk Management Skills

A medical industry accountant should be well-versed in the different compliance and legal issues surrounding the healthcare field. Specializing in this field would have already tested an accountant’s mettle in ensuring his employer’s company stay within the realm of the law.

Accountancy in the medical sector would also require close to exceptional risk management skills. A specialized accountant will be ready to apply any regulatory changes in the healthcare industry while making sure the company’s finances stay stable. Or, if the worst happens, prepare for it beforehand.

By employing the services of a medical sector accountant, the financial risk management aspect of your business can be partly delegated to him. As a healthcare practitioner, your focus will be on your job in diagnosing and treating patients.

  1. Poised for Continuing Education Opportunities

The health sector is a dynamic field where different medical advancements and technological breakthroughs can spur interest to provide an even more efficient way to provide healthcare. This also leads to easier ways to collect patient, treatment, and billing information that accountants can use to recognize trends in the market, and adjust business models accordingly.

A medical sector accountant is trained to obtain and interpret big data to help with health business decisions. Aside from big data analysis, medical sector accountants are also in the ideal position to coordinate and teach business strategies that will help a healthcare business in the long run. Of course, these responsibilities will depend on the accountant’s role in your organization. But as your practice expands, your accountant will likely benefit from it too.

For Private Practices

The different points outlined earlier on the importance of a specialized accountant in the medical sector applies to both private practices and larger healthcare organizations. The next few paragraphs, however, will discuss how a medical sector accountant can specifically help those who run small private practice clinics.

A medical sector accountant will help formulate a plan of action to address your business’ accounting needs. Medical sector accountants may also give advice on how you can handle certain operations issues. They can also provide feedback on various accounting and medical sector trends that your business can take advantage of.

The end effect of an effective medical sector accountant is exhibited in the reduction of taxes, decrease in operational costs, and ultimately, an increase in profit. The specialized skills of a medical sector accountant let you sit back and relax on the aspect of business accounting while you focus your own skills to your patients. Yet, when working hand in hand with a specialized accountant, you will see your business grow sooner rather than later.