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Fixed-term employment contracts limited to 2 years

From 6 December 2023, employers can no longer employ an employee on a fixed-term contract that:

is for 2 or more years(including extensions)may be extended more than once,oris a new contract:that is for the same or a substantially similar role as previous contractswith substantial continuity of the employment relationship between the […]

By |12 November, 2023|Business|Comments Off on Fixed-term employment contracts limited to 2 years

$20k deduction for ‘electrifying’ your business

Electricity is the new black. Gas and other fossil fuels are out. A new, limited incentive nudges business towards energy efficiency. We show you how to maximise the deduction!

The small business energy incentive is the latest measure providing a bonus tax deduction to nudge the investment behaviour of small and […]

By |10 October, 2023|Business|Comments Off on $20k deduction for ‘electrifying’ your business

The 120% technology and skills ‘boost’ deduction

The 120% skills and training, and technology costs deduction for small and medium business have passed Parliament. We’ll show you how to take maximise your deductions.

Almost a year after the 2022-23 Federal Budget announcement, the 120% tax deduction for expenditure by small and medium businesses (SME) on technology, or skills […]

By |8 August, 2023|Business, Technology|Comments Off on The 120% technology and skills ‘boost’ deduction

$20k Small Business Energy Incentive

In a pre-Budget announcement, the Government has committed to a Small Business Energy Incentive Scheme that offers a bonus tax deduction of up to $20,000.

The Small Business Energy Incentive encourages small and medium businesses with an aggregated turnover of less than $50 million to invest in spending that supports “electrification” […]

By |3 May, 2023|Business|Comments Off on $20k Small Business Energy Incentive

Company money: A guide for owners

When you start up a business, inevitably, it consumes not just a lot of time but a lot of cash and much of this is money you have already paid tax on. So, it only seems fair that when the business is up and running the business can pay you […]

By |25 April, 2023|Business|Comments Off on Company money: A guide for owners

Selling a business? The pros and cons of earn-out clauses

Earn-out clauses for the sale of a business are increasingly common. We look at the positives and negatives that every business owner should consider.

Business transactions often include earn-out clauses where the vendors ‘earn’ part of the purchase price based on the performance of the business post the transaction. Typically, an […]

By |18 April, 2023|Business|Comments Off on Selling a business? The pros and cons of earn-out clauses

Full throttle in 2023

In a volatile market, keeping to a strategy, or let’s face it creating one, can be tough.

The downside of not taking time out for your strategy is that there is a tendency to keep a short-term focus at an operational level to try and pick quick wins to generate financial […]

By |7 February, 2023|Business|Comments Off on Full throttle in 2023

What do the ‘Secure Jobs, Better Pay’ reforms mean?

The Government’s ‘Secure Jobs, Better Pay’ legislation passed Parliament on2 December 2022. We explore the issues.

The Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Secure Jobs, Better Pay) Bill 2022 passed Parliament on 2 December 2020. The legislation is extensive and brings into effect a series of changes and obligations that will impact on many workplaces.

The Bill […]

By |7 December, 2022|Business|Comments Off on What do the ‘Secure Jobs, Better Pay’ reforms mean?

30 November director ID deadline

The deadline for existing directors of Australian companies to obtain a Director Identification Number is 30 November 2022.

All directors of a company, registered Australian body, registered foreign company or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation (ATSI) will need a director ID. This includes directors of a corporate trustee of a self-managed […]

By |16 November, 2022|Business|Comments Off on 30 November director ID deadline

How to sell your business

We’re often asked the best way to sell a business.

There are two key components at play in the sale of a business: structuring the transaction; and positioning the business to the market. Both elements are important and can significantly impact your result.Structuring the transaction covers areas such as pricing the […]

By |21 September, 2022|Business|Comments Off on How to sell your business
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