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Accountancy Group Assisting our Clients in coping with COVID-19

As a business owner, you need to face the possibility of team members being absent from your workplace, product supply issues and demand for your services and products reducing over the short term. There are 2 urgent things you need to be aware of:1. Government Stimulus Package – Our Tax Planning […]

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Top small business $20k deduction Q&As

In a recent speech, Small Business Minister Bruce Bilson stated that a lot of his time talking about the $20,000 immediate deduction for small business was convincing people it was not a hand out.

“I have spent a lot of my time explaining that asset write-off mechanisms aren’t grants, they are […]

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What to expect in 2015

The economy
It’s almost impossible to predict what the local and global economic environment has in store for us in 2015. The ‘who knows’ factor is adding to uncertainty and in general, business is not ramping up for growth but maintaining a ‘steady as she goes’ approach – meaning low investment […]

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New Financial Year Housekeeping Checklist

For business, July is the month you need to make sure you have properly closed off the last year and can start the New Year the right way.  It’s about basic accounting housekeeping at this time of year — clear out the old and prepare for the new.  In a previous […]

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