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Landlords Beware: Key issues for property investors

Are you relying on negative gearing?
There has been a lot of negative conversation about negative gearing lately. But, if you are currently negative gearing your investment property, should you be concerned?

Negative gearing is when you claim more in deductions than you earn for an income producing asset that you have […]

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Budget 2015 – what’s in it for my small business?

This year’s federal Budget contained great news for small business.
The $5.5 billion small business package includes:

a 1.5 % corporate tax cut (from 30% to 28.5%)
new accelerated depreciation rules, which allows an immediate tax deduction for any individual assets purchased less than $20,000. This $20,000 limit applies to each individual item, […]

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What to expect in 2015

The economy
It’s almost impossible to predict what the local and global economic environment has in store for us in 2015. The ‘who knows’ factor is adding to uncertainty and in general, business is not ramping up for growth but maintaining a ‘steady as she goes’ approach – meaning low investment […]

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DIVORCE – what it means to you (& your business)

Breaking up is hard to do. Beyond the emotional and financial turmoil divorce creates, there are a number of business issues that need to be resolved.

What happens when there is a family company?

A recent ruling from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will create a tax burden for many divorcing couples that […]

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5 steps to a tax-free Christmas

Tax is not the most exciting thing to think about in the lead up to Christmas, that we know. But these are the questions we get asked all the time, and if you are familiar with all the tricks and traps, you can save yourself and your business hundreds if […]

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Top SMSF property investment mistakes

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating recently suggested that Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) should be restricted from investing in residential property.

Mr Keating told the Financial Review, “If I was treasurer today, I would be looking very hard at the whole entitlement or availability of debt to SMSFs.  They have gearing […]

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What happens to your super when you die?

The general rule is that superannuation is not part of your estate unless you expressly make it part of your will, right?  Well, maybe not. A recent case before the courts serves as a warning to make sure that you take care of the details.

Generally, superannuation is passed directly to […]

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Tax Treatment of Virtual Currencies

If you have a digital coin, is it real? And if it’s real do you have to pay tax on it?  According to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), the answer depends on how you are using it and why.

The ATO recently released its position on the tax treatment of the […]

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New Financial Year Housekeeping Checklist

For business, July is the month you need to make sure you have properly closed off the last year and can start the New Year the right way.  It’s about basic accounting housekeeping at this time of year — clear out the old and prepare for the new.  In a previous […]

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1 July – what now?

The 2% debt tax is in and the carbon tax is out. We look at some of the highlights for the new financial year.
The push for change
The Senate composition changed on 1 July and with it, the Government’s opportunity to push through its reform agenda.  The reintroduced repeal Bills for […]

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